Our Story

Shi w Na3na3 was established in 2012 when its founder Mr. FADI ABU LABAN decided to change the concept of eating traditional and high quality food into a distinguished kitchen with a local touch. This passion drove him to introduce some of the most exquisite Labanese kithchen experiences to Jordan as he turned this passion into an unforgettable dining experience in the mind of the guests.

Company Overview

Shi w Na3na3 offers a creative menu of dishes prepared with fresh high quality ingredients only. This menu includes a diverse collection of dishes that cater to all tastes by offering a diverse collection of Arab and International dishes prepared with passion to create authentic food in addition to offering proper drinks and hookah service.

Why Us?

We invest in our human resource and we provide them with the opportunity to develop and advance as we also set an example in offering the authentic taste in our dishes with creativity, uniqueness, and preserved quality.

Our Vision

We consistently believe that our vision is the constant driving force behind our grow to make Shai w Na3na3 one of the most important leading restaurant in the Middle East by developing the service quality standards inside the restaurant and transforming our service from a regular one into a professional service within a stimulating work environment in order to become global and provide a mixture of traditional and innovative experience, which provides our clients with a unique experience.

Our Values

Integrity is our commitment to our promises of quality in service and dishes. Excellence: Our persistence to the values we started and the constant development to be one of the best leading restaurants in the Middle East.

Our Mission

Our clients are our priority. Everything we do is dedicated to serve their needs as we added a new value after studying the work mechanism in service and presentation; accordingly, we established principles and regulations for working inside the restaurant until we became one of the leading restaurants in Jordan.

What We Do?

Shai w Na3na3 is a restaurant specialized in preparing Lebanese-Style dough with a local touch and an addition of diverse and compelling collection of traditional flavors passed through generations.

We offer our guests exceptionally high quality dough and a various range of dishes preserving the concept of long tradition at a high level of service as we dedicate our goal tradition at a high level of service as we dedicate our goal to satisfy our guests by carefully selecting our food and drinks.

Company Growth

We developed our capabilities through what we have learned throughout these years in offering diverse dishes of distinguished food to continue providing a unique dining experience.

Science we stated in 2012, we opened the second branch of Shai w Na3na3 in 2017 in Al-Rabiya  region as we also seek to expand to different regions in the future all the way to the Middle East in order to continue providing a unique and satisfying experience to our clients.


We Work 24/7

Around the clock delivery service is available

Indoor and outdoor seating

Quiet and unique atmosphere for hookah

Offering different kinds of dishes





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